Steel Furniture

Add functionality to every space, with the well-designed steel furniture series debuted by Mariline. Imagine a furniture collection containing all fundamental essentials needed to furnish a complete ship. From desks and sofas to wardrobes, beds and tables, Marline’s steel furniture series is developed to last even through the toughest circumstances on and offshore.

The steel furniture series offers a wide variety of lockers, desks and wardrobes in standard or custom made designs. Various types of beds such as single beds, bunk beds and Pullman type of beds are integrated in the steel furniture series, paying special attention to features durability and usability.

High Quality Materials

The use of selected high quality materials resulted in a complete and basic collection of strong and solid designs, meeting the high demands of our clientele. The furniture can be manufactured with a steel, stainless steel or aluminium core and can be finished in various colours and structures. The steel furniture series is perfectly suited for changing rooms, crew cabins, storage rooms and offices. All of our furniture is customizable.