Finish Materials

Every selected core material, will be accomplished with a decorative  finish.  Roemeg offers a wide range of finish types, colors and designs based upon the latest trends.

High Pressure Laminate
Over the years high pressure laminate has proven to be fundamentally sound and honest material. Although HPL is famous for its decorative patterns, expressive surfaces and beautiful colors, it is a functional material with a lot of possibilities and characteristics.

HPL is perfectly suited for the completion of wall panels, post forming elements, doors and furniture. Due to our wide collection including all acknowledged brands such as Formica, Abet, Duropal, Resopal and Polyrey the possibilities are endless. The HPL in our scope of supply is available with and without certificates.

Decorative Foils
Roemeg provides various brands of high grade surface foils realized by advanced printing process technology. We have an extensive library of colors, textures, patterns and finishes to meet your design and application requirements. All decorative foils are available either with or without certificate.

Durable & Luxurious

Only the best tree trunks are used in the production of veneer. Due to modern production methods around 800-1000 m2 of veneer can be produced from 1 m3 of wood. Roemeg works with veneer which originates from controlled reforestation areas only. Veneer sheets with a width of 10-25 cm are book-matched and glued to form panels.

During production the wood is steamed whereby it takes on a specific colour. After being sawn the wood is dried and bundled into veneer books. Together these veneer books form the tree trunk. Wood is a uniquely living material. Growth patterns such as notches and structure differences accentuate the natural product.

Therefore, veneer has a unique appearance and is mostly used in yachts, sailing ships and cruise ships or ships with a luxurious interior.