Wooden Furniture

The Mariline Wooden Furniture Series is developed with one simple thought in mind: creating a line of marine furniture essentials with designs that embodies both quality as functionality.

From desks and sofas to wardrobes, beds and tables, Marline’s wooden furniture collection combines practical designs with smart details and acknowledges the need for multi functionality on board. The wooden furniture series is completely based upon our yearlong experience in the shipping industry. Values such as, efficiency, utility, durability and space optimization formed the basic principles during the designing process.

Design & Customization

The outcome is a well-considered and convenient line of furniture covering all furniture solutions needed on board. Whether you are furnishing crew cabins or passenger cabins, offices or public spaces. Marline’s Furniture Series has the right solution for every interior challenge.

All items can be manufactured from various core materials such as MDF, Plywood or Vermiculite. These can be finished with a various finish materials, colors and designs. Aside from the standard items, our team gladly assists with customization of your desired design.